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Downloading and Installation

This package has been developed in a Linux system and is known to work on other Unix-like systems. It is required that shapelib (version 1.2.10 was the one used) is installed, otherwise it cannot be compiled.

This software, including gpstr2shp.c, is distributed under the GNU Public License with absolutely no warranties.


gpsmanshp version 1.2.3 can be downloaded as a tar gzip archive, and its sha1 checksum.

There are binary packages for

Also available in the distribution is gpstr2shp.c, a C program that translates GPStrans data files into Shapefile ones.


The distribution includes different Makefile's for different Tcl versions:

It was assumed that

Using make will (in a Unix/Linux system) create the library, while make install creates the corresponding Tcl index pkgIndex.tcl and copies these 2 files to the installation directory, and make clean removes the binary files and the index file.

Copyright ©Miguel Filgueiras, , 2013
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Recent ChangesTopTcl Commands ImplementedDownloading and Installation